2013 new peristaltic pump supply

What is a /

Industries peristaltic pump / hose pump Is a Kind of Peristaltic Pump, Which Is Suitable for Handling Aggressive, High Viscosity, High Density Products, Such as Abrasive Slurries, Corrosive Acids, Gaseous Liquids, Sand/Cement Mortar, Liquid Accelerator, etc. And Also Is Used for Dosing Pump With 1% Repeat Precision.

Peristaltic pump a controlled flow rate of the liquid delivery device. Common by repeated compression of the elastic tube, movement of the peristaltic pump tubing tube contents a certain direction, its velocity is determined by the diameter of the pipe and compression speed. peristaltic pump tubing For liquid chromatography and perfusion system.

2013 Peristaltic pump 2013 Peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump applications

The chemical industry; mining, metallurgical industry; construction industry, the paper industry; ceramic industry; petroleum industry; water treatment industry;

OH peristaltic Features:
2.Sealessness and valveless
3.Abrasion resistance
4.Self priming with high suction
5.Peristaltic hose is the only consumption part
OH peristaltic pump Hose Structure
1,Nature rubber outer layer
2,Nylon reinforcement layer
3,Inner liner material available in various chemically resistant rubber


·Sealessness and valveness 

Peristaltic pump tubing Peristaltic pump tubing


·Abrasion resistance

·Self priming with high suction






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